What you get in the “Transform Your Skincare Business in 90 days program”

I will give you 16 essential things your business needs in order to bring it to life or take it to a whole level as you’ve always dreamed about. And here they are : 


12 secret ready-to-buy tested and trusted audiences you can niche down to and where to find them 

You can’t sell to all audiences, yes? You really can’t help everyone. Well, you’ll receive 12 tested & proven hot niches that you can start targeting with your solution to their skin problems and where to find them. This alone can catapult your sales, making it a daily thing


5000 Canva templates enough to help you remain consistent with content for years  

Are you always clueless and confused about what to post , and inconsistent with posting content ? This is what you need . Also consistent content creation is one thing. Creating aesthetically pleasing as well as informative content takes time. I will be cutting your content creation time by more than 85% because I will provide you with up to 5000 Canva templates that will help you be both consistent  and attractive . 

These are the content materials that I’ve used for  the skincare businesses I’ve worked for and I’ll giving them to you so that your success with content creation will be guaranteed !

Here are examples of some of the templates I will give you >>>


Then you’ll also get a Content marketing masterclass.

This will show you how to take these templates, edit them and add your own unique content.

It is created to take you from beginner or intermediate to content creation expert.  You’ll learn how to create content that sells

You’ll also learn how to create videos that attract your target audience and convert them to paying customers  for your reels and tiktok using Canva and Capcut 

The masterclass will also show you how you can create 1 week , 2 weeks and even 1 month content in just one sitting   giving you enough time to handle other things like  giving attention to your kids, your family or school

So basically you can just create your posts, schedule them and then they’ll be posting on their own even when you’re not around. 

Here’s the full gist of what you get in the content marketing masterclass  



I’ll give you a Facebook/Instagram ad course

You need ads for brand awareness, visibility, and quick sales but 99.5% of skincare business owners fail with Facebook/Instagram ads for 5 common reasons

❌ Poor targeting

❌ Poor creatives (images & videos)

❌ Generic ad copy which can get you banned because it’s not compatible with Facebook ad policies

❌ Unattractive offer

❌ Terrible knowledge of how to run ads

I’ll fix it by giving you a mini-course that will show you :



Personal Coaching

Okay this is important. Pay attention to this. If you want to scale faster, access to direct guidance is paramount. This is why I’ll be offering Personal Coaching to help you get to your goals faster through one-on-one consultation with phone and video calls


Live Sessions

 This is huge and might even be the sweetest incentive we have for you. You get to ask your questions, ensure clarity for your weekly sales routine in your skincare business. Lots of positive reviews have come from these live classes. Not only do you get very valuable tips, you get help from me and also hear from other skincare business owners about what is working for them or not. Then you can apply
to your business


 Active Skincare Community on Whatsapp and Telegram

Imagine connecting with big and medium skincare brand owners and learning from them . I have an active group of skincare business owners like you who will gladly connect with you over similar values. Look at these pictures for example


How to handle objections and convert even the most stubborn people into paying customers

If people interested in your products keep putting up objections and reasons they can’t buy your products, you need to learn how to convince them. I will show you how to handle objections and convert even the most stubborn people into paying customers.


 How to create irresistible offers 

With a great offer, your clients will never leave you. Offers are the lifeblood of your marketing. Make them the kind of offers they can’t refuse. Don’t know how to make them? No problem. I will teach you how to craft offers that your target audience will keep coming back to you for. Absolutely irresistible 


How to retain your customers and get them to recommend your products to their friends

If your customers aren’t recommending your products to other people, you don’t have a steady business just yet. The idea of you owning a business is to make consistent profit. I will show you how to retain your customers and also make them recommend your products to their friends so you can make maximum profit


How I transformed a skincare brand in just 90days

This is a case study for you just in case you are still doubting up till this point. You will see how a newbie skincare business owner had her business transformed in the space of 90 days and how possible it is to do the same with your business


The SC strategy to grow your skincare business

If you’ve tried everything and nothing worked use this strategy that I call the SC strategy . You will never have to do trial and error with your business again. And when you use this strategy, you will come back and thank me


Expose abominations you commit that is killing your skincare business and how to atone for your ‘sins’

There are terrible and I won’t be exaggerating if I say they are unforgivable abominations skincare business owners commit that are hindering them from growing their skincare business and making consistent sales . I’ll be exposing them and telling you how to undo the damage they’ve done to your skincare business 


Skincare Marketing hacks for extraordinary sales

These hacks are tested and proven and can get you quick results if you implement them immediately . You can also use them to grow and scale your business 


Reveal the GMMRG Method to ensure that you generate consistent revenue for your skincare business without even selling your skincare products

There is so much money to be made selling your skincare products, I agree ,but you can make even more money using other means of generating revenue for your skincare business. I will reveal this to you . When you lay your hands on this never reveal it to any other skincare business owner !


Show you the changes you have to make to attract your high-paying customers on Instagram 

Instagram is a money-magnet for skincare marketing but you won’t enjoy this benefit if your Instagram page isn’t set up for it. So I’ll be showing you the changes you have to make to attract the high-paying customers you have always dreamed of having and retain them!

 That’s it ! Now these life-givers are outlined in the….

In addition to the 16 life-givers that I’ll give you  , you’ll also be getting access to :

Here are what skincare business owners like you who have already joined the program are saying

Here’s a recap of all you’ll be getting from the program

Total Value :  ₦675 000



Promo price:  ₦25000

Understand : This is just a ridiculously small investment to make considering the tremendous impact this program would have on your skincare business when you join . Believe me when I say this is your last bus stop.

And if you don’t join today at N25 000, you’ll get it for N35 000 or more when you think you are ready to join. If you come back tomorrow and see it at a different much higher price, just accept it as the price you have to pay for procrastinating.

This program is currently valued at 65 000 naira ,so this is a limited offer . So hurry now and take the best decision for your skincare business  

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

This particular program is for skincare business owners ONLY ! The length ,breadth and depth of this program are designed to ensure your success as a skincare business owner . It will speak to your needs and provide solutions to your problems as a skincare business owner 

The program isn’t for 90 days . You have a lifetime access to me and the program . Its only saying that you will get great results  within 90 days 

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