Grow your skincare business on social media and make sales consistently as a skincare business owner

FINALLY: A Guidance SYSTEM To Give You Direction on How to Grow Your Skincare Business 

Dear Friend,

 I know how you feel. You’ve worked hard to create amazing skincare products, but you’re just not getting the results you want. You’re struggling to grow your skincare brand, and you’re not making enough sales.

You’re not alone. Millions of skincare business owners are struggling to grow their businesses. But there is hope.

I can help you grow your skincare brand and make consistent sales. I’ve helped hundreds of skincare business owners achieve their goals, and I can help you too.

Before I go on here’s why you should listen to what I have to say …

.My name is Chukwuebuka Atuegwu aka ‘King Ebuka’ or  ‘Coach Ebuka’ and while that name might be new to you it is pretty much familiar among the top names in the Nigerian online business space

I currently have over 80k followers on Facebook with over 10 years of experience helping and managing businesses online including skincare businesses 

And I’m the co-founder of Keviv Marketing , a social media marketing agency dedicated to helping skincare business dominate and flourish in a saturated market i.e the skincare industry . 


And this is my partner, Nonye Vivian Ukatu, an expert marketer with over 5 years of experience in the skincare industry . She is the co-founder of Keviv Marketing 

And together, alongside our team of expert marketers, we are currently helping over 400 skincare brand owners and helping them transform their skincare businesses. 


And as a skincare business owner , do you feel :


Introducing The KM Sales Club Membership program

This program is designed to help you take your skincare business to the next level by providing you with the right tools and resources that you will need . When you become a member you get to enjoy: 


 Active Skincare Community on Whatsapp and Telegram

Imagine connecting with big and medium skincare brand owners and learning from them . I have an active group of skincare business owners like you who will gladly connect with you over similar values. Look at these pictures for example


2000 Canva templates enough to help you remain consistent with content for years  

Are you always clueless and confused about what to post , and inconsistent with posting content ? This is what you need . Also consistent content creation is one thing. Creating aesthetically pleasing as well as informative content takes time. I will be cutting your content creation time by more than 85% because I will provide you with up to 2000 Canva templates that will help you be both consistent and attractive . 

These are the content materials that I’ve used for the skincare businesses I’ve worked for and I’ll give them to you so that you can achieve success with content creation like I did

Here are examples of some of the templates I will give you >>>


Weekly Live Classes & Video tutorials 

 This is huge and might even be the sweetest incentive we have for you. You get to ask your questions, ensure clarity for your weekly sales routine in your skincare business. Lots of positive reviews have come from these live classes and video tutorials shared in the groups. Not only do you get very valuable tips, you get help from me and also hear from other skincare business owners about what is working for them or not. Then you can apply the lessons to your business. The Live Class holds every Sunday by 8pm



Video tutorials on how to : 


I. Create irresistible offers as a skincare business owner

With a great offer, your customers will never leave you. Offers are the lifeblood of your marketing. Make them the kind of offers they can’t refuse. Don’t know how to make them? No problem. I will teach you how to craft offers that your target audience will keep coming back to you for. Absolutely irresistible 

II. Handle objections and convert even the most stubborn people into paying customers

If people interested in your products keep putting up objections and reasons they can’t buy your products, you need to learn how to convince them. I will show you how to handle objections and convert even the most stubborn people into paying customers.

III. Retain your customers and get them to recommend your products to their friends

If your customers aren’t recommending your products to other people, you don’t have a steady business just yet. The idea of you owning a business is to make  consistent profit. I will show you how to retain your customers and also make them recommend your products to their friends so you can make maximum profit




Recommended Skincare Videos Vault : Over 100 attention-grabbing sales-generating skincare videos you can model after with Canva and Capcut

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Here’s a recap of all you’ll be getting from the program

Total Value :  ₦120 000



Today ONLY:  ₦2350

With this sales club membership program …

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